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Balázs Bartóki-Gönczy
(Chief Professor)

 Ludovika – University of Public Service


Dr. Balázs Bartóki-Gönczy is an associate professor of law, director of the Institute of Space Law and Policy (Budapest, Hungary), and Vice-Dean for Scientific Affairs of the Faculty of Public Administration and International Studies of the Ludovika University of Public Service (Budapest, Hungary). Dr. Bartóki-Gönczy obtained his legal diploma in Budapest and Paris where he specialized in space and telecommunications law. He holds a Ph.D. degree in legal sciences and an MBA degree (Université Lyon III). The Institute of Space Law and Policy is the national point of contact for the ESA – European Center for Space Law, focusing on research on legal aspects of human space activities and security and defence policy. Dr. Bartóki-Gönczy is the responsible lecturer of the „Space Policy Training” launched by the LUPS (UNISPACE programme). Member of the Hungarian Media Council since 2021.

András Edl
Ludovika – University of Public Service

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András Edl, a space defence and security advisor at the Institute of Space Law and Policy (University of Public Service), while at the same time a Ph.D. Fellow at UPS Doctoral School of Military Sciences and the European Security and Defence College. He is interested in space security, cislunar space, geopolitics, deterrence and the psychological aspects of decision-making.

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