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To achieve the aims of the EUSecure project, the partners will develop 5 intellectual outputs, 2 learning, teaching training activities and 6 multiplier events in leadership/co-leadership according to their expertise, in close collaboration with all other partners, to ensure high-quality standards and balanced participation:
O1 – Situation Analysis, Curriculum Mapping, Needs Assessment, Case studies and Best Practices
O2 – Design and Development of the EUSecure SimMOOC Course Curriculum outline and guidebook for study material development 
O3 – Design and Elaboration of an Interdisciplinary Simulation Exercise Handbook 
O4 – EUSecure Online Platform and Website will be Set Up 
O5 – EUSecure Educational Material and Digital Content Development (OER) and delivery of the EUSecure SimMOOC
C1 – Pilot Testing of the SimMOOC in a Summer School
C2 – Beta Testing of the SimMOOC in a Winter Seminar 
E1-E5 – EUSecure Info Days 
E6 – Closing event - Final Conference - Multiplier event - Dissemination event (M33; UFP + ALL)

Intellectual Output 1.
Situation analysis, curriculum mapping, needs assessment, case studies and best practices

Intellectual Output 2.

Intellectual Output 3.

Handbook for the Eusecure Simulatione

Intellectual Output 4.

Online Platform

Intellectual Output 5:

EUSecure MOOC - Interdisciplinary Online Course

Intellectual Output E1-E5:
USecure Info Days

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